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Over the years, I’ve answered thousands of fan mail queries about me and my popular series of books, The Last Dragon Chronicles.  Fans often get in touch because they’re doing an author study as a project for school.  Here’s some information if you need it.

Here's me by the sea

Here’s me by the sea

I’m 59.  I’m married.  I live in Devon, England.  I have no children.  I was born on the island of Malta.

I began writing at the age of 32.  It was a hobby that turned into a profession.  I’ve published around 35 books and a number of short stories.

I am a doctor of letters.  This means I can put the letters DLitt after my name, if I wish.  I was awarded an honorary degree in 2002 by Leicester University for my services to children’s fiction.  This was largely because I had a lot of books published in the early part of my career and I was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal with my first novel (I didn’t win it) and I came from Leicester.

My favourite colour is purple, my favourite animals are cats, my favourite book is The Hobbit, my favourite food is vanilla ice cream.  I don’t have a favourite author because there are simply too many good ones to choose from.  My favourite films are Lost in Translation, Blade Runner and anything by the Coen Brothers.  Fave band (of yesteryear) would be The Beatles.  More recently The Killers, and I also like Jake Bugg.  I’ve seen David Bowie five times.  In the seventies, I owned a gold satin jacket.  That ought to tell you something.  I love teddy bears.  I’ve got dozens of them.

When I’m not writing books I like walking by the sea or watching TV or playing my ukulele.

My hobby now is writing songs, which is something I’ve been doing since I first picked up a guitar, aged 17.  I’ve written over 300 songs, none of them published, none of them likely to be.  It’s just a different creative outlet.  If you’re feeling brave you can listen to some of them here, on Soundcloud.


17 Responses to about Chris d’Lacey

  1. Clara Wicker says:

    I love your UNICORNE books/ files. I live in the USA and am 10 years old. I’ve read A Dark Inheritance and Alexander’s Army. I hope you’re making a third book soon. If you are, I can’t wait.

  2. Nicki and Taylor Hooten says:

    Absolutely loved the Last Dragon Chronicles!!! I’m 14 and from the USA. Ordering the Erth Dragons book and the UNICORNE series ASAP!!!!! Can’t wait to read them with my cousin Taylor!! Love reading your fiction books and hope you write many, many more!

    I’m 11 and from the USA as well. I don’t like reading books that much, but your books have inspired me to read much more fiction. I hope you write more stories. Like my cousin said, I’m really looking forward to reading your books! Keep writing! (finish soon!!)

    • Hi guys. The UFiles books and the Erth Dragons series are very different from The Last Dragon Chronicles. The UFiles are about a boy who gets drawn into an organisation that investigate paranormal mysteries. They’re complex, but a lot of fun. They have a slight dragon theme running through them and all the mysteries are fully resolved in the third book, A Crown of Dragons, which is out in the USA in May 2016. The first book of the Erth Dragons series (The Wearle) is about a colony of dragons that come to explore planet ‘Erth’. Much of the story is told from their point of view. Enjoy! Hrrr!

  3. Sahra Smallwood says:

    I have a friend who loves your books and he has inspired me to read them. I will soon, as I have a lot on my mind. I am 11 and from the US.

  4. Therese Mc Auley says:

    We stumbled across the audiobook of a dark inheritance at our local library in Dublin. It was our holiday story as we drove around France. We all loved it from my 70+ mother to both children, boy 11 and girl 9. The adventure was gripping and none of us could wait for the next long, hot motorway journey so we could listen to the next instalment! Hopefully the next book will be released on time for this years holiday!

    • Lovely. That has to be one the most unusual and heartwarming appraisals of a book I’ve ever had! I’m so glad you ALL enjoyed it. That’s great. Thank you for letting me know. I’m guessing you got hold of the UK audio. I haven’t seen (or received) a copy of the second book, Alexander’s Army, which leaves me with the uneasy feeling that my UK publisher has decided not to continue with the audio (the author is always the last to know of these decisions). However, I do have a few copies of the US edition (exactly the same story) and if you’d like to post me an address (or follow me on Twitter where we can instant message) I’ll send you a copy. Many thanks – and happy holidaying!

  5. I loved the Last Dragon Chronicles and the Unicorne Files. They were brilliant stories and I was inspired by them to start writing books myself. I have one in editing. I have almost finished it(200+ pages) but I haven’t typed anymore of it lately. I looked back at it recently and decided that it was too all over the place so I’m going to remake it since I have more of a plot line to build off of. I bought the third Unicorne Files book as soon as it came out. I am twelve years old(my birthday was last week actually) and American(female) and love your books. I love unicorns so when I found this at the library and it had a unicorn on the cover so I decided that I just HAD to look at it. I read the back of the book and was instantly interested. I read the first one in a week and just had to have the second one. I couldn’t put the second book down! Then I had my mom preorder the third book on Amazon so I would get it as soon as it came out. My favorite character was Freya. I loved the second book, it was truly my favorite. I love a good mystery at time to time. I hope you continue to make books and continue writing songs. The arts are such a great thing to get into. Happy Holidays!

    • Hello Skye. Thanks for your lovely message. It’s always great for me when someone is inspired to start writing after reading the books. It’s not a bad profession to be in! Alexander’s Army was probably my favourite of the UFiles as well. Look out for my new Erth Dragons series. The first book, THE WEARLE, comes to North America on December 27th!!

  6. Anagha says:

    I just finished reading your first UNICORNE Files book – A Dark Inheritence…, I Just LOVED it… Its really great, and I’m searching for the second book in the series. I’ll be reading it as soon as I get it… I have to tell it, I completed reading it in eight hours of one day… It was reaaly absorbing. Thank you for such a wonderful book.


    • Thank you, Anagha. I’m glad you liked it. You’d probably have to search online at places like Amazon for books 2 and 3. It’s worth reading the whole series, because you learn what really happened to Michael’s father.

  7. Ben Thompson says:

    Hey Chris. Question for you about your LDC series. Wasn’t really sure where to ask it, so I hope this spot is appropriate. I’m getting my girlfriend to read them because they’re my favorite book series, and she asked where they were based, because she likes to read the voices with the accent they should have in her head. I told her US, because in Fire Within, the address card at the beginning says Scrubbley, Massachusetts. But she mentioned how some UK dialect gets used, rather than the American alternate words. So I was wondering if that was just your natural vocab slipping through, or if you purposely did that, cause why not, you’re the author. She said it could also be publisher’s trying to make it localized for us, and some words just slipped through their filters.
    Figured I’d ask, and see what you had to say. Thank you

    • Hi Ben. I live in England. The Fire Within was originally set in the suburbs of London. When the book was published in the US it was ‘Americanised’ and set in the Boston area of MA, though, as your girlfriend rightly discovered, you can still detect the English feel to it. Hope that helps.

  8. Hello sir
    I am Anshika from India. The unicorn files series is beyond amazing I just completed reading it’s 2nd part bad now requesting my dad to buy me the third ….but he says he won’t untill my exams are over😔😔… don’t know how will I contain my excitement till then
    Just suggested my younger brother to read it and he said that it was so exciting to read it that he finished reading it in a day…..
    Thank you for your wonderful books
    Lots of love from India

    • Hello Anshika, I’m really glad you like the UFiles books. Do go on and read book three, A Crown of Dragons, when you’re able to. I like your dad’s thinking – exams are important. But I’m sure he’s thrilled that you’re so interested in reading, too. Best wishes, Chris d’Lacey

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