about Chris d’Lacey

Over the years, I’ve answered thousands of fan mail queries about me and my popular series of books, The Last Dragon Chronicles.  Fans often get in touch because they’re doing an author study as a project for school.  Here’s some information if you need it.

Here's me by the sea

Here’s me by the sea

I’m 59.  I’m married.  I live in Devon, England.  I have no children.  I was born on the island of Malta.

I began writing at the age of 32.  It was a hobby that turned into a profession.  I’ve published around 35 books and a number of short stories.

I am a doctor of letters.  This means I can put the letters DLitt after my name, if I wish.  I was awarded an honorary degree in 2002 by Leicester University for my services to children’s fiction.  This was largely because I had a lot of books published in the early part of my career and I was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal with my first novel (I didn’t win it) and I came from Leicester.

My favourite colour is purple, my favourite animals are cats, my favourite book is The Hobbit, my favourite food is vanilla ice cream.  I don’t have a favourite author because there are simply too many good ones to choose from.  My favourite films are Lost in Translation, Blade Runner and anything by the Coen Brothers.  Fave band (of yesteryear) would be The Beatles.  More recently The Killers, and I also like Jake Bugg.  I’ve seen David Bowie five times.  In the seventies, I owned a gold satin jacket.  That ought to tell you something.  I love teddy bears.  I’ve got dozens of them.

When I’m not writing books I like walking by the sea or watching TV or playing my ukulele.

My hobby now is writing songs, which is something I’ve been doing since I first picked up a guitar, aged 17.  I’ve written over 300 songs, none of them published, none of them likely to be.  It’s just a different creative outlet.  If you’re feeling brave you can listen to some of them here, on Soundcloud.


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