Nearly all of what you will read below is a repeat of my very first UNICORNE blog post.  This is a permanent page, for anyone who came to the blog late.

At the moment, three UNICORNE books are in the mix.  But if the series becomes popular – who knows, there might be more.  At the time of writing, book one is complete and about to be printed.  Book two is also complete, but has yet to be edited.  Book three is floating somewhere in the ether.


Available now.

May 2014

May 2014

Book two is called ALEXANDER’S ARMY

Available now.

Alexander's Army cover

Book three, the final UFiles book, is called A CROWN OF DRAGONS.

Publishing May 2016 in the USA. June 2016 in the UK

front cover

What was the inspiration for the series?

One of my favourite TV series of all time was a show called ‘The X-Files’.  This was about two FBI agents who investigated paranormal mysteries such as alien abduction.  UNICORNE is a kind of ‘X-Files’ for kids.

Why is UNICORNE spelled with an ‘e’ on its tail?

Because it’s the name of an organisation and also an acronym.  It stands for UNexplained Incidents Cryptic Occurrences and Relative Non-temporal Events.  Well, you did ask.

What is the series about?

It’s about a young boy called Michael Malone, who is recruited by UNICORNE because he has an extraordinary ability to alter his reality.  At the start of the series Michael’s father, Thomas, has been missing for three years after disappearing during a business trip.  What Michael doesn’t know, however, is that his father was also a UNICORNE agent.  Michael’s quest to find out what happened to his father forms the general arc of the series.

What does UNICORNE do?

Good question. They allegedly send their agents on missions to investigate paranormal mysteries, but their true agenda is rather shady…

Who are the main characters?

The principal character is Michael.  He lives at home with his mum, Darcy, and his younger sister, Josie.  Michael is recruited into UNICORNE by the smooth-talking Amadeus Klimt, who claims to have information about Michael’s father.  Klimt is aided by two other agents, a feisty young French woman called Chantelle and an ex-marine who is only ever referred to by his surname, Mulrooney.  During the course of his first investigation, Michael also meets the principal female character, Freya Zielinski, a goth with a troubled past and a dark secret…

What missions does Michael go on?

In A DARK INHERITANCE, Klimt sends Michael on what appears to be a simple mission to track down the owner of a runaway husky.  However, as the drama unfolds, Michael finds himself dragged into an unsolved mystery about a young girl’s death.  His attempts to solve the mystery, often using his ability to shift reality, is UNICORNE’s way of preparing him for his ultimate mission: the dedicated search for his father.


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