Nearly all of what you will read below is a repeat of my very first UNICORNE blog post.  This is a permanent page, for anyone who came to the blog late.

At the moment, three UNICORNE books are in the mix.  But if the series becomes popular – who knows, there might be more.  At the time of writing, book one is complete and about to be printed.  Book two is also complete, but has yet to be edited.  Book three is floating somewhere in the ether.


Available now.

May 2014

May 2014

Book two is called ALEXANDER’S ARMY

Available now.

Alexander's Army cover

Book three, the final UFiles book, is called A CROWN OF DRAGONS.

Publishing May 2016 in the USA. June 2016 in the UK

front cover

What was the inspiration for the series?

One of my favourite TV series of all time was a show called ‘The X-Files’.  This was about two FBI agents who investigated paranormal mysteries such as alien abduction.  UNICORNE is a kind of ‘X-Files’ for kids.

Why is UNICORNE spelled with an ‘e’ on its tail?

Because it’s the name of an organisation and also an acronym.  It stands for UNexplained Incidents Cryptic Occurrences and Relative Non-temporal Events.  Well, you did ask.

What is the series about?

It’s about a young boy called Michael Malone, who is recruited by UNICORNE because he has an extraordinary ability to alter his reality.  At the start of the series Michael’s father, Thomas, has been missing for three years after disappearing during a business trip.  What Michael doesn’t know, however, is that his father was also a UNICORNE agent.  Michael’s quest to find out what happened to his father forms the general arc of the series.

What does UNICORNE do?

Good question. They allegedly send their agents on missions to investigate paranormal mysteries, but their true agenda is rather shady…

Who are the main characters?

The principal character is Michael.  He lives at home with his mum, Darcy, and his younger sister, Josie.  Michael is recruited into UNICORNE by the smooth-talking Amadeus Klimt, who claims to have information about Michael’s father.  Klimt is aided by two other agents, a feisty young French woman called Chantelle and an ex-marine who is only ever referred to by his surname, Mulrooney.  During the course of his first investigation, Michael also meets the principal female character, Freya Zielinski, a goth with a troubled past and a dark secret…

What missions does Michael go on?

In A DARK INHERITANCE, Klimt sends Michael on what appears to be a simple mission to track down the owner of a runaway husky.  However, as the drama unfolds, Michael finds himself dragged into an unsolved mystery about a young girl’s death.  His attempts to solve the mystery, often using his ability to shift reality, is UNICORNE’s way of preparing him for his ultimate mission: the dedicated search for his father.


71 Responses to UNICORNE info

  1. Julia (from Canada) says:

    Hey Mr. d’Lacey! Remember me? It’s been a couple years since we last talked, but I have always been a dedicated fan of the Last Dragon Chronicles. I’m excited to see you are going off on a slightly different path and I can’t wait to read what you do next!

  2. Justin says:

    I have started your book and so far it is just wonderful. I am know on Chapter 17- Crown

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Thank you, Justin. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Let me know what you think when you’ve finished it.

      • I will keep this anonymous for now, but until then, DRAGONS! says:

        HELP! I am stuck on a book project on the first book! I need a full physical description of Thomas Malone! (Well, at least the page it is on)

      • I’m glad you enjoyed the books. There is no real description of Thomas in the early books, but if you read chapter 2 of A Crown of Dragons it will give you some pointers.

  3. xXSPMCXx says:

    it’s a GREAT book, just finished, and starving for more!… one question (SPOILER WITH A CAPITAL S) When the Zombified version of Freya says that Micheal ‘is her maker’ and says “Welcome to your dark inheritance, Malone”, does she mean Micheal imagineered her from the very start? Thanks,

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Thank you. I’m delighted you liked the book. The change in Freya happens at the time of Michael’s final reality shift, but obviously he’s already aware of the nicknames she’s taunted with at school, so that feeds into it as well.

  4. Ben says:

    So i cant help but notixce that there has been no recent updates about the status of the second book in this series. After after the classical cliff hanger ending that i have grown used to from your books, yet it still manages to hit me right in the gut, I was wondering when we might get a theoretical release date, or maybe even just a little mention about how far into the process you are.
    I loved reading a new book by you after finishing The Last Dragon Chronicals, and I cant wait to see how this series develops. But to do that we need the books!
    Hahaha thanks for reading this.

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi Ben. The second UFiles book, ALEXANDER’S ARMY, is due out in May next year in the USA, August next year in the UK. Also in October next year comes the first book in my brand new dragon series, The Wearle. So plenty to look forward to.

      • Ben says:

        Thats great to hear! Thank you for that date. I shall look forward to it.

        Do you have a website or link to anything where we can learn anything about your new dragon series, The Wearle? I dont want to make you re answer a bunch of questions about it when you may have already said something somewhere else. Thank you!

      • amadeusklimt says:

        Hi Ben, Sorry to be slow responding. Very busy! The best place to find out about The Wearle will be at http://zookiesnotepad.blogspot.com It’s still early days for the series yet, but I hope to show cover artwork soon. Also, I often put info out on Twitter (@chrisdlacey). Hope that helps.

      • Hari says:

        Mr. Chris does the Ufiles tie in with the Last Dragon Chronicles because there are mentions of the The Wearle

      • There is a small crossover between the series, yes.

  5. Noah Bryan says:

    me after reading the book
    1: my minnndddd……
    2: THE TINY EASTER EGGS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anthony Tran says:

    I never heard about the release of the first book till now! Guess I’ll grab a copy within the next couple weeks if I’m not too busy with college…. Excited to see what this series has in store for me.

  7. Andre says:

    I loved your book on the UNICORNE Files series. I am a new fan and I was absolutely impressed with the first book I ever read from you. I can’t wait for the next book Alexander’s Army, but it has been awhile since I read it so refresh my mind who is Alexander or is he/she a new character?

  8. Andre says:

    Ok thanks for the info, hope it will be even better than the first 🙂

  9. Anastasia says:

    I absolutely love this book, I can’t wait to read the second one. I did have a question though and I don’t know if I am close to right.
    I believe that Michael imagineered Freya the entire time and that should have been her first reality shift. I that that is the answer because of what Freya says in the end. And I don’t understand what the crows are, are they the representation of the reality shifts that he has done.Can you please tell me if i am close to the truth. THANK YOU 😀

    • amadeusklimt says:

      I tell you what, if you are not a writer – you ought to be. That’s a fabulous idea about the crows, but no, they are just crows. As you will have realised, Michael’s ability to change reality often comes at a price. Freya is his biggest price. He inadvertantly brings her back to life because she’s very much in his mind while he’s fighting Eddie. So she is real – and she’s in the next two books as well. She has a huge role to play in book two, ALEXANDER’S ARMY. Watch out for that next year. And thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

      • Anastasia says:

        lol. I Can’t wait for your next book to be published. I actually try to be a writer but I can’t keep my thoughts going in one direction. So I start writing and then I can’t finish. So I probably won’t be a big writer but I sure am a big reader. I started your book and finished within the day. It was that good. Thank you for blessing us with your work and I hope to read many more of your books in the future. Good luck!!!

  10. Andre says:

    A couple more things I want to ask. 1: Will we hear more about Michael’s dad? 2: Will we get a back story on Amadeus Klimt? 3: Are you going to mess around with time travel too or keep it to the reality shifts?

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi. Yes, you’ll get a lot more about Michael’s dad in the next two books. There will also be information on Klimt. Time travel comes into it, but in a slightly unusual form (in the last book).

  11. Yongene Wong says:

    Hey Mr D’Lacey! I’m a new fan of your new series The Unicorne Files.

    Your first in the series is AMAZING and I fell in love with it. I can’t wait for ALEXANDERS ARMY!

    Anyway this is the first time I have heard of you. I’ve never read Last Dragon Chronicles, thought I’ll give t a try. And I seem to have known that when Rafferty disappeared, I knew Freya must have died.

    But I love your series! And I see that it will be scarier!

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi Yongene. That’s great. I’m glad you liked it. I personally think ALEXANDER’S ARMY is better than A DARK INHERITANCE. It’s certainly spookier. I’m working on the third book, A CROWN OF DRAGONS, right now. That, too, is quite scary in places. Do check out The Last Dragon Chronicles. The first book, THE FIRE WITHIN, is quite sweet really, but they get a lot more dragony and a LOT darker from the second book (ICEFIRE) onwards. Happy reading!

  12. nathaniel says:

    I am a fan of the last dragon series and want to know if the third book in unicorns series is going to be like that since u refer to dragons

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi Nathaniel. A CROWN OF DRAGONS won’t be like The Last Dragon Chronicles because they are two completely different series. The book is all about what happens to Michael’s father in New Mexico and the consequences of that. It looks at the idea that dragons might be able to pass on their powers to humans. If you want something REALLY dragony, watch out for a book called THE WEARLE, which comes out on October 1st in the UK. That’s a great dragon story.

  13. mmboris3 says:

    Hey Mr. D’Lacey
    I’ve always been a huge fan of The Last Dragon series and this new series is just as good!!! Will A Crown Of Dragons be the last book in this series or will it continue longer?
    I also love the names of your characters including Freya where did u come up with those names if you don’t mind me asking..


    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi. I’m glad you’re enjoying the UFiles. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. A Crown of Dragons will be the last book in that series, but it’s a good one and it will give you answers about Michael’s power and what happened to his father, Thomas. Freya is a name I’ve always liked. The rest, like Amadeus Klimt, just came to me as I was writing. By the way, if you like dragons, watch out for a book called THE WEARLE, which is the first in my new ERTH DRAGONS series. It comes out in the UK on October 1st, but won’t be available until 2016 if you live in America.

      • mmboris3 says:

        Thank you for replying! And thank you for answering my questions and I will definitely be on the look out for your new dragon series which I can’t wait to read!! But sadly I will need to wait quite some time because I live in America 😦

  14. Tommy (from USA) says:

    Hello mr.Chris I have picked up two of the Ufiles books in the library and I am so hooked when. I started the first one I couldn’t put it down it was sooooo good and then I finished it and went to the second which was better and then it ended on the cliff hanger and I am so desperate to read the third and last book please make this book long and awesome, I can’t wait what you have in store for us readers, I a, so excited and hope that you keep up this amazing writing of yours 🙂

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi Tommy. I’m glad you like the books. I’m a bit notorious for cliffhangers! Sorry. Everything will make sense by the end of the third book, A CROWN OF DRAGONS, which will be out in May next year, if not a bit earlier. ACOD doesn’t have as many twists and turns as Alexander’s Army, but it’s a really good read. I’m sure you’ll like it. Michael, Freya, Klimt, the crows will all be in it.

  15. Andre (The kid from Canada) says:

    Hi Mr. D’Lacey, I’m terribly sorry that you can’t make a third book in this amazing series, but I hope you continue to make great books! Anyway I loved Alexander’s Army and what you did with Freya/Crow Girl. I think the cover for the Crown of Dragons is EPIC and can’t wait for the story. Oh yeah and nice foreshadowing 😉

  16. Elias Ruffner says:

    Hello Mr. D’lacy, I am a huge fan and enjoyed your books the first two times I read them all. They definitely changed my life and my view of dragons (although maybe not as much as the inheritance cycle did) I just wanted to let you know that your books were a breath of fresh air in a growing amount of fiction with dragons depicted as wild beasts instead of intelligent beings. I just wanted to let you know about a theory of mine. Cough! all part of the same universe Cough! Imagineering, check. fain, missing. Dragon theme growing, Excellent. Well, I think this is in the same book universe as the Pennykettle dragons. I’m sure many fans will be expecting a convergence event of the two series in the future and I think that the erth dragons will definitely be in the past of the Pennykettle dragons series.

    • Hi, so glad you like the books. There are crossover links between The Last Dragon Chronicles and The Erth Dragons, and this even reaches out into the third UNICORNE book, A Crown of Dragons, which will be out next year. Keep reading!

  17. Hi, Mr. D’lacey, I was just wondering if the Octopus things are spelled Mlerptra, I just returned the book to the library, but I need the spelling for a report I am doing. Thanks.

  18. Jeffrey says:

    Hey I was just a wondering if you guys thought of making the unicorne files into a movie because this would make a good movie for your fans and I was also wondering if you had planned on continuing the series with a fourth book .

    • I agree. I think of all the books I’ve done they would make very good movies. But that kind of thing tends to be out of my hands. Keep hoping! A fourth book? No. I think three is right for this series. ‘A Crown of Dragons’ is really good. I think I like it best of the three now.

      • Jeffrey says:

        OK thanks I’ll keep that in mind is there anything you can tell me about the Cliff hanger at the of ADI that won’t be a spoiler to your second book Alexander’s army

  19. soumavo says:

    The book is great.When will be Alexander’s Army released in India

    • Hi. Gosh, I’ve no idea. I didn’t even know that A Dark Inheritance was available in India. I hope you find it (enquire at a book store, library, perhaps?) because I think Alexander’s Army is better than ADI. And I believe that the third book, A Crown of Dragons, is better again. That one comes out in the USA/UK in May/June. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  20. Lloyd says:

    Hi Mr.D’Lacey! This is my first time commenting for an author. I really love the book. I used it for our “Drop Everything And Read” session for our class here in the Philippines. I just wanna say thank you for writing this book. It filled my imagination and learned the love of friendship (Michael and Freya)

    PS. First time I cried because of a book

    • Hello Lloyd. Thanks for your kinds words. I’m glad you enjoyed the book (A Dark Inheritance, presumably). The next two in the series are just as strong, and Freya and Michael’s relationship continues right through to the final page of the last book, A Crown of Dragons. I hope you enjoy them.

  21. nathan says:

    Hello i am a fan of your book

  22. DRAGONS_FIRE_OP says:

    Chris ummm i dont get the end of the 3rd Book A CROWN OF DRAGONS is it the future?How does micheal’s suddenly married with Dennis and have a Baby and how did micheal turn Freya from a crow into a human?

    • Hi. Michael has always had the ability to change his reality, but he’s never been fully in control of it. It’s only when he discovers the truth about the dragon scale implanted under his skin that he begins to truly focus his power. That combined with the access he’s given to even more of the dragon scale encourages him to engineer one huge change of reality: one in which his mum and Dennis are married, Freya is able to turn back into human form (and Michael, should he desire it, is able to become a crow), and his father is “reborn” as a baby. All very confusing, I know. Read it again with this comment in mind and it might make more sense.

  23. Alex Vice says:

    Mr.D’Lacey I dont get the end of A CROWN OF DRAGONS…Did micheal time travel?How is freya a girl again?How does Micheals mom have a baby with dennis?WHEN DID MICHEALS MOM AND DENNIS GET MARRIED????

    • Hi Alex. Same reply to your comment and the one before it from Dragons_Fire_Op. Michael has always had the ability to change his reality, but he’s never been fully in control of it. It’s only when he discovers the truth about the dragon scale implanted under his skin that he begins to truly focus his power. That combined with the access he’s given to even more of the dragon scale encourages him to engineer one huge change of reality: one in which his mum and Dennis are married, Freya is able to turn back into human form (and Michael, should he desire it, is able to become a crow), and his father is “reborn” as a baby. All very confusing, I know. Read it again with this comment in mind and it might make more sense.

    • Alex Vice says:

      Thank you Mr.D’Lacey. 🙂 That was very informative to know this. 😀

  24. Fran says:

    I just wanted to know but what is the setting and theme for the first book?

    • Hi. The books are set in England (where I live) in a small town near the coast. All three books have a paranormal theme. Book one is about a topic called cellular memory. Book two is about telekinesis. And book three is loosely about past life regression. Over the course of the three books, there is also a major story arc concerning the hero (Michael) and his search for his missing father. Hope that helps.

  25. OMG. I love your stories. MY MIND WAS BLOWN. I just wanted to know why did you decide to make books as awesome as these?

    • I’ve always loved a TV series called The X-Files and wanted to do something similar in book form for a younger audience. The UFiles will make you think! But I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  26. SwampFox says:

    I am a BIG fan of the UNICORNE Files books. I think they are amazing, but I don’t really understand chapter 38: “Rebirth” of “A Crown of Dragons.” Please help!!!

    • Hi. Basically, Michael taps into the full power of the dragon scale and alters his reality to such an extent that Freya becomes fully human again. He also reinvents the lives of the people around him in a way that he thinks will be satisfying. In this new and profound reality his mother was never married to Thomas. She instead was married to Dennis and Michael, Josie etc. are there children. The twist is that the new child is called Thomas as a sort of reminder for Michael of what used to be. It’s very complicated I know, but once you’ve accepted the strange idea that we might live in a multiverse of infinite possibilities, then literally anything can happen. Hope that helps!

  27. Bryn K says:

    Hello Mr D’Lacey!
    I was wondering if there will be a fourth Unicorne Files book!!
    It has been a great series, and I have been constantly checking if there will be another book!
    Bryn K

  28. Fane says:

    Hey Chris, I’m so exited to be talking to you and I have a question if that’s ok. When Micheal changed his reality to be able to save the dog from the cliff, isn’t that almost the same as teleporting. Thank you.

    • Hi Fane. Very similar, yes. Teleporting would involve moving from one place to another by the use of some physical device, whereas Michael’s reality shifts are brought about by his ability to visualise himself in different situations.

  29. Fane says:

    Thank you so much Chris I get it now. Your books are so good and I can’t wait to start a crown of dragons. Thank you

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