If you’d like to ask me any specific questions about The UNICORNE Files, or you want to enquire about school visits and so forth, please feel free to get in touch at this address:

Please note, I’m always busy so it might take me a while to reply.  I’m afraid I can’t offer any help with stories, though there is a page of writing advice on my Icefire website.


19 Responses to Contact

  1. Teague says:

    I just read the dark inheritance and loved it I can’t wait for Alexander’s Army. I am 9 years old and I just wanted to say thanks for these amazing books.

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Thank you. You must be a great reader, because ADI has some challenging concepts for someone of your age! Alexander’s Army will be out in the middle of next year. I think it’s better than ADI. Enjoy!

  2. Laura says:

    I really like all your books! In your book Icefire, David started a story about Lorel the polar bear. Do you think that you will ever write a story with that topic?

    • amadeusklimt says:

      The book is called WHITE FIRE and it HAS been written, but it’s not really in a publishable state at the moment. I will probably look at it in a couple of years time when I’m through my current crop of UNICORNE and dragon books. Watch out for new dragon book THE WEARLE in October, and, of course, for ALEXANDER’S ARMY.

  3. Laura says:

    All right, I can not wait till your new book comes out!

  4. Griffin says:

    Im a 11 year old and i love these books i finished A Dark Inheritance in a day and i cant wait for The Crown of Dragons to come out and if that really is the last book i would be sad for the rest of my life so Chris D’Lacey i would love if you would write a 4th UNICORNE FILES book i would die for that and does anyone know when The Crown of Dragons is coming out i cant wait

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi Griffin. I just sent you a tweet. Yes, A CROWN OF DRAGONS will be the third and final book, I’m afraid. You’ve read ALEXANDER’S ARMY, right, the second book? (If not, get it! It’s neat.) A CROWN OF DRAGONS will be out in the USA in May next year and in June in the UK. I was only contracted to write three books. If the series had sold better, I would have been happy to write more. THanks for your enthusiasm. It means a lot.

  5. Griffin Cannell says:

    Oh ok now i understand why u cant write more i have read Alexanders Army and my favorite part is when Freya bites Michal and he can fly and is it possible if you can make a movie about alexanders army and a dark inheritance

    • amadeusklimt says:

      Hi Griffin. I like that part of Alexander, too. MOvies are not up to me, I’m afraid, but I agree they would make good films.

      • Griffin Cannell says:

        ok thanks so much for telling me and I keep tweeting to u and 3 days later it says sending tweet to @ChrisD’Lacey and I keep wondering r u getting my tweets? Finally I started to read the Last Dragon Chronicles because I thought i’d give it a chance ’cause you’re such and amazing author right now im still reading The Fire Within and im at the part where they take Conker to that vet place and it is an amazing book so far

  6. Chrissy B. says:

    I’m 20 and shamelessly addicted to your books. You made me so interested in dragons when I was younger that I tried to write my first book about dragons. Since then I’m now studying creative writing at a university and hope to become a novelist. Thank you for sparking my imagination for my writing passion. You make me relax when I’m studying for those awful exams. 😀 –Chrissy B. from Indiana

  7. Griffin Cannell says:

    I cant wait till the crown of dragons comes out

    • Hi, I’ll probably put up a post about ‘A Crown of Dragons’ soon. I’ve just finished what we call ‘proofing’ the book (checking for typing errors etc.) and it’s on course for publication in May in the US and June in the UK. I think it’s a really neat book. Not quite as scary as Alexander’s Army, but it does have all the answers!

  8. Lizzy says:

    Hi. I’ve just recently finished the Last Dragon chronicles (loved it!) and have looked at the characters in your other series and noticed some similarities between some of them. Especially the dragons and two main characters. Coincidence?

    • Hi Lizzy. Glad you liked the Chronicles. I’ve always teased my readers a little bit with crossovers or similarities between the books. You’re perhaps thinking of Zanna, and Freya from the UNICORNE Files…? They’re not intended to be the same character, but I do like that kind of strong female lead in my books. The best crossover is still to be revealed. Read THE WEARLE (first Erth Dragons book) then A CROWN OF DRAGONS (the third UNICORNE Files book). Nice link between those two. Happy reading.

  9. lottie says:

    Hi my name is Lottie and i am not a person who likes books, but, A dark inheritance, really got me wanting to read. I am still reading it but this could be the first book i finish.There was one thing i got stuck on, page 111 has a star at the bottom of the page its the only one i’v seen in the book, how come there is a ‘*’ at the bottom??? Please can you answer me. thank you!!! ps: the book is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many thanks, Lottie Reid
    Age 10

    • Hello Lottie. Thanks for your lovely message. I’m really pleased you’re enjoying A Dark Inheritance. You have to concentrate to get your head around Michael and his reality shifts. But if you stick with it it’s a lot of fun. The next book, Alexander’s Army, is quite spooky. And the whole thing is explained in the last book, A Crown of Dragons. The asterisk at the bottom of page 111 is simply there to signify a small break in the text, one that’s not big enough for a full chapter break. The publishers put the asterisk in so that you won’t think there’s a line missing. Hope that helps. Happy reading!

  10. lottie says:

    thank you so much looking for would to reading alexanders army i love spooky books, like the bit when Michael sees frayer when he’s walking tracy with the owner it’s awesome.Thank you again.

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